The Severn Tunnel Band was formed back in 1923. The practice room was an old barn situated in the old cattle market in Rogiet. Seating was planks of wood and lighting was from oil lamps as there were no windows.

The Band Founders, 1923

In the 1940s the band moved to an ex-army hut, where it stayed until the 1960s. Many of the members were railway-men and because of shift hours rehearsals sometimes had to be 11pm until midnight!

Possibly in Caldicot School Hall, 1950s

BR Music Festival, Reading, 1953

In 1982, Severn Tunnel Band began its twinning association with the AKK 1936, which is an Accordian Orchestra from Weisental in Germany. The first exchange visit took place in the spring of 1983 when first the AKK came to Caldicot. In October of the same year Severn Tunnel Band went to Weisental. This was the beginning of very many happy exchange visits between the AKK and Severn Tunnel Band. The most recent visit to Germany by Severn Tunnel Band was in 1997 when we went to Weisental take part in the town’s 700th anniversary celebrations. In 1998 the AKK came to Caldicot for a week and joined in the Severn Tunnel Band’s 75th Anniversary celebrations.

Severn Tunnel Band visits Weisental, 1988

Severn Tunnel Band visits Weisental, 1997

In 2013, Severn Tunnel Band celebrated it’s 90th Anniversary. While the changes to the railways and heavy industry mean that the traditional Brass Band links have waned everywhere, we are proud to continue this part of the local heritage.

Severn Tunnel Band leads the Caldicot Armistice Parade, 1984

Severn Tunnel Band leads the Caldicot Armistice Parade, c.2010
Armistice Parade in Caldicot